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Retail Sales – Convenience Store

QuestionsCategory: POS RetailRetail Sales – Convenience Store
bobby asked 3 years ago

I am thinking of testing Pangea for my convenience store as I have the following requirements:
There is Taxable Non-Taxable items that included but not limited to Cigarettes, Cigars, Beer, Wine, Liquor
Then there is Non-Taxable items that included but not limited to Food, Ice-Cream etc.
Beer – We sell single can, 3 pack, 6 pack, 12 pack, 18 pack and 24 pack
each can has a CRV Tax of $0.05 if it is under 24oz and $0.10 CRV Tax if over 24 oz
for up to $1.20 for a 24 pack of 24oz and $2.40 for 24 pack of over 24oz
Then we have additional taxes that are state tax that needs to be added to the sale that is 9.5%.
Also, can I add an external ID verifier that we scan the buyers ID and it gives a pop-up letting us know their
If not, then can we have a pop-up alerting the cashier to check and verify the age and if the age is not 21
then it does not let the item to be added to the check.
Can I have a charge of $0.50 for any credit card transaction setup as a static button on the main screen?
Finally, a single can of soda and a 6 pack of soda – 2 different prices and 2 different CRV
(i.e. a single can $1 with $0.05 CRV + Tax = $1.15, vs 6-pack of soda $2.99 + $0.30 CRV + Tax $0.30 = $3.59)
Thank you for all your help.

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