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POS "Failed to Connect to Server"

QuestionsCategory: POS RetailPOS "Failed to Connect to Server"
April asked 4 years ago

I use the pangea POS for my store and have used it for about 15 years in fact. Occasionally it won’t connect and I just reboot my computer to connect. It will have a place for a username and password to connect to the database but that was filled in when I bought the system and I’ve never known what it is, it’s just there. 
Today, I logged in and got a “failed to connect to server” message and it says “code -84 sql state 08001 specified database is invalid” – what does that mean?? I have two stores that sell the exact same thing, one is fine, and one is giving me this error. Any advice?
I have screenshots of all the errors if that would help.


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