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Add/Create Product to Databse During the Sales?

QuestionsCategory: POS RetailAdd/Create Product to Databse During the Sales?
Kriptex asked 5 years ago

Hi, thanks for the great design, is it possible to add product to database during the sales? example, when we scan barcode, popup “Product not fund!” with “Add Product” and “Cancell” buttons?
Also pop up to update product price if it is “0.00” because we use product database which has about 50k products, so we can scan products and update prices.
Your help is much appreciated.

1 Answers
mircowp Staff answered 5 years ago

Hi, sorry but that is not possible at the moment. You can update a price when you sell it but it will be only for that sale. If you permanently want to change a product price you have to do in Pos Maintenance/Products.

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