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Pangea Open POS gives you the possibility to manage and coordinate your orders visually.
Your screen will display a layout of your current area/room, showing the tables in their actual location. Interacting with table is done via touch screen.
The interface will let you know in a blink where your reservations are placed, whether tables are full or empty, and will let you operate on several floors.
Note that the floor plans and table layouts are customizable. You can upload your own jpeg and set table locations.

Opening New Ticket. Click on an empty table 4 .
Opening an Existing Ticket. Click on an full table 3 .
Selecting a Different Floor. Click on a restaurant area  1 .
Accessing Reservations. Click Reservations Button 5 .

Table notifications
Tables show a blue icon when they are full. If the table is assigned to a Customer the name appears on the table 2 .

Merge Tables. Click Merge Tables Button 1. Click on 2 tables to merge 2. Click Merge 1. Confirm you want to Merge tables 3.


Pangea Open POS ticket interface lets you compose detailed tickets from the list of available dishes and ingredient, then assign them to your customers.

Ticket composition makes it possible to:
Assign tickets to a specific chair
Add discount for the whole order or per item
Specify details about the ordered dishes (attributes)
Add and remove ingredients from dishes upon customer’s request (additions and excludes)
Enter specific information about the order –special requests from customers, side orders (notes)

Adding Items to Ticket. Choose the category including the item you want to add 1. Click on Item 2.
Deleting Item. Select Item 3. Click Remove Line Button.
Adding Item Discount. Select Item 3. Enter discount percentage on keyboard 5. Click Line Discount Button 6.
Adding Total Discount. Enter Discount percentage on keyboard 5. Click Total Discount Button 7.

Editing Item. Select Item 2 Click Edit Button 11 .
Sending Items. Click Send Button 9. Click OK.
Deleting Ticket. Click Delete Current Order Button 4.

Open Customer Window. Click Customer Button 1.

Assign ticket to new customer. Fill wished fields 2. Click OK 3. New customer is saved in database and ticket is assigned to him.


Name only is mandatory.

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