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Is Pangea Open POS free?

Pangea Open POS software is free. You can download it, install it and use it for how long as you like. You will never be asked for any fee.

Only support tools have a price. But you are free to use them or not. If you are confident to setup the POS by yourself, you will not spend a cent for it.

I have downloaded the installation file. What next?

I have created a page in the wiki that guides you step by step on the installation process. You can find it here

What computer do I need to run Pangea Open POS?

So far we have made available the installation file for Windows only. You can then install Pangea Open POS on any Windows OS machine. Of course you are free to compile the source code for Linux and Mac as well, but we haven’t done extensive tests on those OSs. Regarding the minimum requirements, according to our experience, it is preferable to use at least a dual core with 2GHz CPU and 2 GB of RAM. The software runs smoothly on lower machines as well, but when the transaction number becomes large, launching reports might take long time.

I would like to install, setup and learn to use the software by myself. Is that going to be hard?

This depends how familiar you are with IT. Installing a database server might not be easy for everyone. Modify an xml file to customize receipt might be confusing for some people. Setup multiple printers on network (receipt and orders) might give you some headache. But if you have time to spend on it, it is definitely possible. If you are an IT person, it won’t take you long. I have already made available some documentation. More will come out in the future to assist anybody willing to do the “hard work” by themselves.

I would like you to remotely install the software, set it up and enter data. How much would that cost me?

If you want to have the software up and running without doing any work, we can remotely access your computer and do all the necessary operations. About the amount, it depends on how many features of the software you need to use. But roughly, from 100 to 200 USD.

I have installed the software and I found a bug. What should I do?

Send us a message explaining what the bug is. Bug fix will be included on next software release.

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