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Pangea Open POS is an open source project started when I got interested in POS software in 2012. I needed an open source software that could be customized to fit my requirements. I bumped first into Open Bravo and later on Unicenta Opos which is an improved version of Openbravo.

Although the basic functionalities were very well developed, I found it necessary to improve the interface to make it more catchy and easy to use. And with time, I improved a lot of processes and added a large amount of features.

On 2015, I decided to make it available for the public as Pangea Open POS, a new open source project. Everybody can download it, try it, and use it for their business if they find it useful. Free of charge.

Pangea Open POS is much more complete including as well basic ERP features such as purchasing and accounting.

I am willing to improve it with new features in the future. To make this possible I am providing paid support. Needless to say, donations would help as well!

I made available free documentation  a wiki with instructions for installations and setup here.

So why don’t give it a try?

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